Fidel Castro and Maduro Pay Surprise Visit To Morales In His Hotel

El presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, con el de Bolivia, Evo Morales, y Fidel Castro, en agosto de 2015. (EFE/ Agencia Boliviana de Información)
The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, and Fidel Castro. (EFE / Bolivian Information Agency)

Ex-Cuban president Fidel Castro and Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela, surprised the Bolivian president Evo Morales this Thursday in the hotel where he was staying in Havana, according to the Bolivian State news agency ABI.

Castro and Maduro arrived in a microbus at La Laguna Hotel to visit Morales who arrived in Cuba in the early morning to celebrate Castro’s 89th birthday, according to the source.

“For Bolivia all the affection in the world and my admiration,” said Fidel Castro. Morales was scheduled to visit Castro at his house, so he was surprised that the Cuban leader went to find him at his hotel.

The Presidency of the Palace of La Paz also released photographs to the Bolivian media of the meeting between the political leaders. “I came to be with, to accompany our big brother, Fidel Castro, on his birthday. I admire him greatly and love him greatly and have learned a lot from him,” Morales said before arriving in Havana.

The Bolivian president is scheduled to attend a ceremony in Havana this Thursday where he will receive a donation of computer equipment for the Plurinational State of Bolivia primary school, according to the Foreign Ministry of the island.

His previous visit to the island was in December of 2014 when he attended the XIII Summit of ALBA in Havana and met with Cuban President Raul Castro.


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