Cuba, The Fourth Healthiest Country In The Americas

Pasillo del hospital Pediátrico Pepe Portilla donde han habilitado en los pasillos camas para enfermos febriles. (Juan Carlos Fernández)
Hallway in the Pepe Portilla Pediatric Hospital in Pinar del Río. (Juan Carlos Fernandez)

Cuba is the third healthiest country in Latin America and the fourth in the entire continent, according to the list compiled by  Bloomberg based on data from the United Nations, the World Bank and the World Health Organization.

The ranking, published on the  website of the World Economic Forum, is made up of 145 countries. They are led by Singapore, Italy and Australia, and following those three, the top ten consist of, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.

Within the Americas, both Canada, ranked 14, as well as the three most healthy nations of Latin America — Costa Rica (24), Chile (27) and Cuba (28) — are ahead of the United States, in place 33. Behind are Mexico (37), Panama (38), Ecuador (47), Argentina (48), Colombia (58) and Venezuela (61). At the end of the list is Bolivia (93), with Guatemala (83) and El Salvador (78) in second and third to last place.

The health score is based, first, in the mortality rate of each country and, secondly, on the various factors that can limit health, such as the proportion of young people who smoke or immunization levels.


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