What we have left to experience

Portada del 18 de diciembre del Granma. (14ymedio)
Cover of the Communist Party newspaper 'Granma' on 12/18. (14ymedio)

The official truth, expressed in the media owned by the Communist Party, is unequivocal: the most important thing that happened on 17 December 2014 was that the three members of the Cuban intelligence who were imprisoned in the United States returned to the country. But anyone who had the patience to wait for the distribution of the newspaper Granma, which went on sale on newsstands after 11 am, and anyone who read the brilliant speech of Barack Obama, knows that the most important thing is about to happen.

The television channels dedicated a privileged space to the images of the return of the three prisoners who were missing; an enthusiastic group of young students from the Institute of International Relations went out into the streets, with flags in their hands, to celebrate the victory; the interviews of those who affirmed that Fidel was not wrong and that we did not offer any concession were made public; but the shared happiness came from somewhere else, maybe from that same remote part of our consciences where skepticism is born.

The most important thing is about to happen next Sunday, when the Ladies in White march in peace without being frightened, humiliated or detained; when Guillermo Fariñas meets on Monday with his team without having someone preventing its members from attending the event; when Antonio González Rodiles sees his house again full of participants in Estado de Sats ( State of Sats) without having to risk being beaten in the attempt to do so; when this digital diary can attend, without fear,a conference given by a minister, and when our readers do not have to sidestep censorship  by using an anonymous proxy. 

Or not. And then the failure of the dialogue will only have one guilty party. 


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