civil society

Civil Society

An Agenda For Discussion

A few hours before US President Barack Obama will land in Cuba, a statement presented by independent civil society has been backed by thirty civil and political organizations, along with several ...


Let The Government Of Cuba Open Itself To Its People

Pope Francis is coming to Cuba this September and the Cuban people will give him an affectionate welcome, as already happened with the last two visits of his predecessors. This time, religion ...


Cuban Dissidents Outline A Common Agenda

The meeting held Thursday in Havana by some twenty civil society organizations and the political community has been defined as a new step in a common agenda. The initiative aims to work for ...


Roads to Democracy for Cuba

The second edition of the event Roads for a Democratic Cuba is taking place in Mexico from 18 to 23 June 2015 under the auspices of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Christian Democrat ...


Exclusion as a policy

The Cuban government, since it seized power on January 1959, has maintained an authoritarian and exclusive approach to politics. Patriots, Cubans and citizens are considerations that have only ...

Civil Society

Cuba Civil Society Open Forum meets for the 7th time

Some twenty activists, political leaders, intellectuals and artists participated in a new meeting of Cuban Civil Society Open Forum last Friday morning. At the meeting they discussed the need to ...

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