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The Faces of the Cuban Dream

“What is the Cuban dream?” he asked, as one inquires about the hour, the quality of the coffee, or the afternoon’s weather forecast. Around the table we all remained silent in the face of ...


Free or Slaves?

The play The Emigrants (1975), by the Polish playwright Slawomir Mrozek, has been staged by Sahily Moreado and his company Teatro del Cuartel at Sala Teatro El Sotano in Havana. This story of ...


The Intellectual, a Ruminant in the Castro Zoo

Why don’t our intellectuals act like so many foreign observers expect? Why don’t they try to intervene in the debate about the future of the country now that there is ever more open access to the ...


“I Live Happy Because I Live Without Fear”

Danilo Maldonado, the graffiti artist known as El Sexto, finished a month in prison this January 25. He was arrested while riding in a taxi whose trunk was carrying two live pigs. The animals were ...

Interview to Marius Jovaiša

“This is your country, and no regime can take it from you”

Marius Jovaiša is a Lithuanian photographer, 41, who has spent much of the last five years taking photos of Cuba from a perspective never before seen: from above. He started the project in 2010 ...

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