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From Havana

Fear, Dry Law and Funerals

The always busy corner of Infanta and Carlos III was a desolate wasteland Sunday. Since the death of Fidel Castro was announced, Havanans have gathered at home. The official media say that it is ...

English Edition

The Myth Died, Cuba Must Change

Fidel Castro has died. The mythic figure has died. The event will be discussed for a long time and from many points of view. Nine days of mourning has been decreed in Havana, the flag is at half ...

Fidel Castro

‘El Sexto’ Says Goodbye to Fidel Castro

The artist and graffiti artist Danilo Maldonado, known as ‘El Sexto’ (The Sixth), heard the news of Fidel Castro’s death while he was on Havana’s Malecon. “People kept doing what they were doing, ...


The Last Death of Fidel Castro

As expected, the news of the death of Fidel Castro was announced by his brother Raul, in a brief official statement to the people of Cuba and friends around the world.While his biographers are ...


Cuba Survives Fidel Castro

Few people were watching official television at that hour. The news of Fidel Castro’s death began to spread through the night on Friday by phone, as information that was vague and imprecise. ...


The Ancient Dictator Died Long Ago

The official media have just announced the last and definitive death of Fidel Castro, and I think I have perceived more relief than bereavement in the mournful message. If I were a religious ...

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro Dies

Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90, his brother, President Raul Castro said today in a speech on Cuban state television.“With profound pain I appear to inform our people, the ...

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