Switzerland, Discreet Mediator Between The US And Cuba

For 54 years Switzerland has acted as a mediator between Washington and Havana, representing the interests of each of the two countries before the other. The restoration of diplomatic relations ...


The Vertiginous Days of Anger

Recently, many calculations have been made about the time that has transpired since Cuba and the United States broke diplomatic relations. The journalists’ texts have emulated each other in the ...


Negotiating with Machiavelli

When Cuba’s government announced the postponement of its talks with the European Union on 9 December 2014, it was speculated that the real reason lay in that the Cuban side wasn’t ready to face ...

Civil Society

What we have left to experience

The official truth, expressed in the media owned by the Communist Party, is unequivocal: the most important thing that happened on 17 December 2014 was that the three members of the Cuban ...

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