Migration Crisis


Óscar Arias: “Poverty Needs No Passport To Travel”

Nobel Peace Prize recipient in 1987 for his role in ending the armed conflicts in Central America, former President of Costa Rica Óscar Arias received 14ymedio at his home in San Jose and talked ...


Hope And Fear At The Border

About 10 miles from the border with Nicaragua is the canton of La Cruz in the province of Guanacaste, in Costa Rica. Peñas Blancas is there, the most important outpost in the north and the place ...

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IMO, Person of the Year in Cuba

December will soon be here and numerous lists of this year’s protagonists will be published in Cuba. A difficult task in a country that over the last 12 months was visited by a pope, a secretary ...

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Cubans in Nazareht, Costa Rica

The morning was warm and the Nazareht neighborhood had been listening for days to the distinctive Cuban accent. This point in the geography of Liberia, capital of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province, ...

Migration Crisis

Cubans Protest outside Ecuador’s Embassy in Havana

Hundreds of Cubans, on Friday, demonstrated their dissatisfaction with Quito’s decision to require visas from he island’s nationals as of Tuesday, December 1.The embassy, located in the Miramar ...

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