Yogurt, Scarce and Bad

The shortage of soy yogurt in the regulated market has worsened in recent weeks, and this product intended for children between 7 and 13* years of age is also characterized by its low quality.The ...


Carcinogenic or not, Cubans Want Red Meat

“For me, no one can get me to quit this bad habit, I’ve tried vegetables and beans,” intones the troubadour Ray Fernandez in one of his songs. The main character in this song is named Butcher, and ...

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Children Without Milk

My son will be seven years old this Thursday, October 8. For decades, seven has been the age chosen by Fidel Alejandro Castro and maintained by his brother Raul Modesto for Cubans to stop drinking ...


Less Milk and Less Beef

Cattle ranching in Cuba touched bottom in 1999, but it had started its decline in 1970. That year’s effort to produce 10 million tons of sugar was the focus of attention and resources for the ...


When the Eggs Go Missing

One day it’s cooking oil, another it’s floor cleaning cloths or washing detergent, but there is always a product that all of a sudden doesn’t appear on the shelves either in the ration market or ...

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