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Chronicle of a Cuban ‘Rafter’ on Foot (Part 3 of 3)

The smell of coffee draws me to the kitchen. The first rays of the sun have yet to appear when Domitila and her husband Juan get ready to start work on the farm. They protect us that day, hiding ...

Cuba - Latin America

Americas Summit: Opportunity and Challenge

One of the most controversial issues facing both the Cuban government and Cuban independent civil society is one stemming from President Barack Obama’s December 17th speech when he stated: “Next ...


US Congressional delegation concludes visit to Cuba

Monday afternoon several United States members of Congress visiting Cuba held a press conference at the Saratoga Hotel. The meeting with foreign correspondents and independent media addressed the ...

Civil Rights

One Day for Cuba

[Note: One of more of the videos have English subtitles, but most are in Spanish]One Day For Cuba is the name of a new independent action from #YoExijo that takes the spirit of Tania Bruguera’s ...


“We have a great vocation to commit the same mistakes”

Longing and love for Cuba have been a constant in her life. Sociology professor, scholar of Cuban history, and promoter of initiatives to bring “the two shores” closer, Marifeli Perez-Stable is a ...


The beginning of the end of ‘Castroism'

Cubans continue to be as impressionable as ever. In the Island, the masses have been only able to see the release of the three spies who were released from American prison, and nothing else. Many ...

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