US-Cuba Relations

Postal Service

A Package to ‘La Yuma’

At 3:10 in the afternoon she entered the wide and deserted corridors of the main Cuban post office. Sonia had been carried away by the news and had packed up a small box with photos and a few ...

Generation Y

A Visit More Symbolic Than Political

The last time a United States president visited Cuba Havana’s Capitol Building had not yet opened, baseball’s star pitcher The Black Diamond died, and my grandmother was a little girl with messy ...


The Embassy Wall Fell

In a few days they will change the letterhead, replace the name plaque, and hoist the flag. This building with its green-tinted windows by the sea will cease to be called the Untied States ...


A different end of year

The New Year was welcomed in the city of Pinar del Río very differently from before. For a long time it seems that we experienced more of a wake then a celebration. Wallets were thin, tempers ...


Will the eagle return?

Those who tear down monuments, dismantle statues, or deface figures display their lack of culture and blatant disrespect. Monuments celebrate important milestones in a people’s history, some for ...


The U.S.-Cuba Spy Exchange

The days following December 17 are now a significant part of the close history shared by Cuba and the United States. Regardless of the support or objections that the recent political decisions may ...

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