Civil Society

An Agenda For Discussion

A few hours before US President Barack Obama will land in Cuba, a statement presented by independent civil society has been backed by thirty civil and political organizations, along with several ...


Writer Angel Santiesteban is Released

The writer Angel Santiesteban was released Thursday after appearing before the Provincial Court of Havana. The journalist had been arrested yesterday afternoon, accused by his ex-wife of the ...


To March or Not to March… That is the Question

The latest cyber-skirmish unleashed around statements made by Eliécer Ávila, leader of the opposition movement Somos+, about the #Todosmarchamos initiative, once again focuses first, on the need ...


Cuban Dissidents Outline A Common Agenda

The meeting held Thursday in Havana by some twenty civil society organizations and the political community has been defined as a new step in a common agenda. The initiative aims to work for ...


About 70 Ladies in White and Activists Arrested Sunday

This Sunday has led to the arrest of forty Ladies in White and thirty activists, at the conclusion of their usual march on 5th Avenue in the Havana neighborhood of Miramar.After Mass in the ...

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